Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's my life

I claim the right to be stupid, irresponsible and take risks with the life that has been given to me. I claim that right and I will fight to the death any one who tries to take that away from me.

I don't need your protection don't force it upon me.

We humans are sentient beings who are able to decide. If that decision does not harm any one but our selves then we should be allowed to make it and it is a crime to stop us.

If I am drunk and try to drive a car, I should be stopped. If I am not and try to drive off a cliff, harming no one but myself, you have got to let me go.

Why are there always people who try to protect us from our free will? Do we really need that protection? I know we make stupid mistakes sometimes and I am all for a hefty discussion with someone who is about to make one. But if after all that you can not find any logical counter argument for the decision this person has obviously made, you have NO RIGHT to interfere.

There are people in this world who have been given a death sentence by a disease that will ultimately kill them in a most horrifying and painful way. Why are there people out there trying to stop them from killing themselves? Why do these people prevent them from taking experimental drugs that have not been tested yet, but give that tiny bit of hope they so desperately need?

Drugs that could save lives now have to pass so many tests that it takes years before any of them can hit  the market. Such delays are unacceptable to people who are on their deathbeds right now. Even if you are willing to take the risk of taking such a drug that might end up killing you, you are not allowed to take that risk. Why! Why do these people have the right to decide over your life? Why do they have the power to obstruct science and progress in such drastic ways?

Just tell me why!!
And make me understand.
Perhaps you guys are right after all.

But I doubt it.