Tuesday, March 31, 2009


You poor guy.
Loosing an hour.. not good..
Youtube not showing movies cos yer in Australia.. not good..
So you just relax with this nice movie someone tried to show you.

Can't promise it will be up for very long tho, it's prolly something to do with copyright and such.
Copyrights.. not good.. .. but not bad either.. Just the way it's enforced.

If I do infringe on anybodies copyright, please leave a message and I'll remove it.


  1. i would have left one anyway. thanks again for putting this up. i dont hope nor think that copyright is going to exist forever. if knowledge could be rebuilt and improved by anybody, the world might be ....a better place.

  2. Thank you for your comment, it inspired me to write another article on Copyright. I think knowledge should simply be spread more effectively and unhindered by copyright or patents. Put in simple words and in the right context for everybody to read and understand. So that we all can benefit. I think this is a goal that I would gladly dedicate my life to.

  3. Love you article, and yes I do understand that I will be causing family and friends awful pain, I have however spent years managing my depression and working with my pain and have asked "how long do I have to live for others"? I will die at some stage as that is enevatable so why not now, it is my turn to be selfish. I am working on stock pilling my medication and hope to have enough in two months. Yay. Good luck to you others bt I do ask you to give it all you can to get well first and if to no avail after years of trying then go for it. cheers wendy

    1. Wendy that is the same way. I think everyone should try to get help and to hang on as long as they can, I have been hanging on for 50 years and I am getting to the point where I am not handling my physical pain any more. I am on a lot of pain meds, from OXYCODONE to Fentanyl transdermal patches that put 100 mcg per hour into me and I change that every 3 days, and a shit load of all sorts of muscle relaxers and such and lets not forget the depression meds I am on I am taking one that I don't think is helping the way it should but it is giving me more night terrors, as if I do not have enough bad memories to do this to me on their own, And the fact I am a punching bag and emotional terrorizing bag and mental and verbal abuse walking bag for my husband. 3 Weeks ago he beat me up and this last friday I had told him he was breaking his word to me about that stupid magic the gathering game, see he made an agreement only 2 times a month and we started seeing the marriage counselor and she basically gave him permission to go every weekend,I guess this next appointment I will tell her about the the agreement we made and that he gave me his word only 2 times a month and that he threatened me again and that he beat me 3 weeks ago and everytime I tried to tell her he cut me off, and because I finally stood up and said he was going against his word to me he threatened to beat my brains out with the phone, he said I set him up to fail. He is blaming it all on me because he is a worthless wife beater and and can not keep his word to me about hitting me or abusing me in shape way or form and about this stupid card game, He says things and claims he never remembers saying them, that is a crock of shit.sorry about that it has nothing to do with your post well a little bit maybe., I have not done this deed yet because I am feeling guilty because my kids say it would hurt them, all are grown except one she is 15 now and she is my husband little girl she adores him because he will take her to play that stupid card game and puts her above me. no matter what it id . she can lie and cheat and steal and if I tell him it is happening and she says it is not then he believes her, And he takes her when he is mad at me and goes and stays at his mothers, That makes him no different than my first husband and his mother did to me that caused me to use the 22 pistol on myself when I was married to him. And Wallys beatings makes him no better than the first or second husband that did it to me, And his mom pets him she is an enabler to the very very max when it comes to her baby boy, Ya know I really hate this man for what he has done to me and I really hate the fact I have no where to go but he can leave and I cant afford the mortgage, I am physically ill and cannot go to work and he knows this and he throuws it in my face all the time, so why do I even bother to stay alive, I know before I live on the streets I will kill myself and I am going to do it with his insulin, once it is in there is no way they can get it out and by the time the ambulance gets here if I do here is 45 minutes to an hour and if I do it in a hotel they wont find me till I am in a coma or gone. My children are all smart enough to know I am getting more and more tired of being in pain and being abused and all of this so they will just have to learn when I do this m I did not do it to hurt them but did it to stop my own emotional pain and physical pain, and if they don't then they will have to find something to make them understand. hugs Tersa

  4. Im seriously wanting to die, life is pissing me off, boring and seriously painful, etc. I wanted to commit suicide for 7 years and have not succed yet, im going commit suicide on the 10th september, or maybe earlier, I WANT TO DIE, LIFE SHIT!!!!!!! FUCK LIFE.