Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Henry Hackit is a Hacker

Yeah.. but don't get all scared Nsuch.
A hack is simply using something for something what it was not originally intended for.

Lemme give an example: A screw is meant to be screwed using the tool "screwdriver" but if you hit it hard enough with a hammer, you can still hang your painting without the aid of a screwdriver.
And presto, your first hack!

Now computer hackers generally create little programs to use things what they are not initially intended for. Sometimes these little programs, or tools can't even be called real programs because they are only meant for a single task, don't have a real user interface, or don't work all the time. These are called tools too.
Ofcourse these tools can be used to do illegal stuff just like the hammer can easily be used to break into houses and cars. That doesn't mean the hammer or the one using it is a criminal.

So there you go. I'm a Hacker, but it can't be determined if I am doing anything illegal (unless ofcourse I'm careless) Muhahahaa!!!!

A hack is nothing more then the crude application of science in order to perform a specific task.


  1. very good explanation. when i was 18 or 19 or maybe 20 i was very fascinated by the art of computering or hacking. i wished to become a hacker too, actually. i read eric raymonds(?) hacker tutorial or "how to become a hacker" i think. not the whole, because i have never experienced consequence yet. and almost every night ive spent with a friend and we seted up router heheh and firewall and a paket sniffer and stuff under debian. i killed the p2p connections from my brother when i wanted to play q3a and he fucked up my ping and just wouldnt let it be. i have never told this anyone before.
    but these times are over. nowadays i only use computers and fix them from time to time. i want to be a welder. and i really hope this wish is going to stay long enough to become my profession. at the moment it surely is.
    nice blog btw.

  2. one more thing: when i smoke too much i get paranoid. i know this is not good for me.. any kind of druging, probably.
    however! at this state i tend to fear what hackers are capeable of. i fear the possibility of somebody hacking the linuxbox, mounting my drives, scanning the network, ....whatever else. for me this is a bit somehow like breaking into somebodys home, not stealing or destroying it, taking a look around and then leave again..likely without giving any reproduceable notice about it.

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