Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Copyright is not nescesarily bad. I fully endorse that people who create works of art should be properly paid for their efforts. But not indefinately and certainly not enforced as a means to stop other people from creating related works. And most certainly not for the berichment of third parties who pretend to stick up for the rights of the artists while giving them only a small percentage while violating the fundamental rights of others in this persuit.

But Science and knowledge is another matter. Once knoledge is not allowed to be spread, and even hindering a very useful product in its development by a form of copyright or patent then I rebel. Because knowledge, in my opinion has its primary goal in the greater good of all mankind and therfore should be spread freely and without restriction.
The berichment of a single man or group should never hinder mankind as a whole.
That is why the funding for research projects should not be left to an open market by means of patents, because the open market is all about restricting the competition.

Copyrights, good.
Patents, bad.

Do you have any idea how long I have wondered why the multi-touch system was never created? How long I have been waiting for it? The thechnology was not the limiting factor here, it was a patent and someone wanting a lot of money for simply writing up the idea and filing it. Finally Apple bought it and now, we find multitouch gestures in many devices. Lets just hope Apple will be wise and generous with it's new patent that anybody could have thought up but was afraid to use.
But why should we hope? lets get rid of the patent system and find a better system that actually pays the real contributors and lets everyone benifit at a low cost. That shouldn't be so hard, now should it? Or does someone have a patent on that idea already?


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