Tuesday, August 19, 2014

life WTF life

Life is the only thing that can make you go WTF!
And even after you said that,.. make you want to put some extra Exclamation marks after that.

It really doesn't matter who you are, what you are, who you think you are, or who you really are. Life will always find a way to surprise you in good or bad ways. Because life is just that.. surprising.

You think you know everything? Bang, life slaps you in the face with something you didn't know.
You think life is boring, shabam!, life turns upside down, lets see how you handle yourself now.

I hate surprises.
Almost as much as I love them.

Besides surprises, life also seems to have a sense of humor, mainly irony though.
Love marathon running? you will loose a limb.
Love looking a beautiful paintings, you go blind..
You know, and we have all seen the buttered end of the toast hit the floor. Irony. Life loves it.
Personally I always say, "life only knows one kind of humor and it is called Irony".

So if you would summarize life, it would be somewhat of an ironic tale filled with surprises.
Now that doesn't sound too bad, does it?

Well, then lets summarize our lives... Right now, I am a healthy 41 year old with a wife and young child. Sounds good right?
Now add the fact that I don't have a job, no source of income, huge hospital bills because my firstborn was 9 weeks early, my wife has severe headaches and has now gone blind, also has to be hospitalized and we still have no clue what is wrong with her.
Life has thrown us some punches.
Right now, the only thing keeping me upright in the ring is the fact that I have a small child whom I'll have to take care of, who depends on me. Who I promised to be there for.
I really don't know how long I can keep this up, but I will try. I will fight for her and those I love. I will face another day, come up with ideas to make another months rent, I will fight, I will fight for another day. I will fight till the bitter, or the bitter sweet end. I will fight, because I am alive and I have a choice. I choose my family.
I have a wife and child who love me, life can throw me any punch and it won't hurt me, I will go on, we will go on, life goes on.

Don't complain, there is always someone out there that has it worse then you.
Lets compare notes in the comments below, shall we? What are you still alive for today? What keeps you going?


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  4. Life has thrown me obssesive bad thoughts i never have an easy day as i always think i am saying them but like you i have a woman who loves me and no matter what i won't give in.

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  8. I have no second thoughts. But it would be nice to not go alone. 8644787229 ASAP. Every minute is pain

  9. To my darling daughter, I love you and always will forever and for eternity, you are my everything you will never understand why I have done this, I am severely mentally ill, I have psychosis, I must do this before I do something bad, I have no choice. I will always be with you x

  10. Take care (of your child) and be proud. Pride will help life give you reasons to be proud. Add some thankfulness to pride and life will give you more reasons to be both proud and thankful.

  11. Life has thrown parents at me that are always so mad and our always yellow mg at me I jus want it to all end

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  15. This is such bullshit !!! The only thing I look forward to is going to buy a bunch of sleeping pills and take them with a huge bottle of rum!! I preetty much had enough of the worlds continuall bullshit. I wish I had never been born and hate my parents for not getting an abortion... The fuck up thing is I made the stupid decision to have a kid ........... Fuck in the end she see my choice was a good one to kill myself after she grows up in this Fucked up world !!!!!

  16. The obly reason that i lived for was what i consider to be a cause and now it seems that the cause isn't enough to live for.

  17. My friends, music, my mum, my brother, the thought of getting my dream job, the thought of finding love again, marrying eventually, travelling the world, raising a family, helping people. I've had some really horrible moments throughout my life but it's always gotten better. I remind myself of the important things, the things I've mentioned, how far I've come, and try to cherish the little things that life gives you every day.

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